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The Academic Research & Grants Information System (ARGIS) was developed and first implemented at the University of Central Florida.  Their previous system was antiquated and had reached its operational limits.  Frustrated, and not able to find a suitable alternative, UCF’s Associate Vice President for Research turned to UCF researchers who had developed a highly flexible information cataloging system for the US Department of Defense.  This multi-million dollar project had the benefit of multi-year development and testing across the Air Force, Army, and Navy. As such, it provided the perfect basis for creation of a new, enterprise-level, research administration system.

ARGIS version 1.0 was born and deployed by UCF in 2001.  Almost immediately, UCF began reaping significant benefits.  As expected, success generated requests for even greater capability.  Thus, development of version 2.0 was initiated to provide even more robust interfaces to external databases, a new “role-based” security model, and the many other enhancements requested by researchers and research administrators.  Version 2.0 was also modified to make virtually all settings and rules configurable.  As a result of these improvements, UCF began licensing ARGIS to other universities interested in acquiring the latest in automated research administration information systems.  More information about the system is available at UCF’s information site for ARGIS.