Proposal Creation and Submission: Budget Tab

After creating a new proposal and completing the Details tab, select the Budget tab.  Enter the required information about the proposed budget: 

  • Enter the Account Type from the drop-down.  It will normally be External.
  • Answer the question as to whether multiple agencies or departments (cost share) will be funding this account.
  • Select either the Pooled or Non-Pooled budget rule dependent on the proposal requirements.  Normally you should select Pooled. 
  • Finally, select the Submit button. 

After selecting Submit, the following form should appear.  The funding agency should match the Sponsor selected on the previous screen.  Enter the total budget for the project under year 1 as “All Other Direct Cost.”  

Although they are normally not used, there are 3 years for budget entry available.  Clicking the Green + button next to Year 3 will add additional years on a following screen. 

Now that the Budget data is complete, click  or “Investigator” at the top of the page to bring up the Investigator tab.